The Democrats’ hopes of gaining control of the Unites States Senate concentrate on their efforts in targeting seven Republican incumbents:  George Allen, Rick Santorum, Lincoln Chafee, Conrad Burns, Mike DeWine, Jim Talent, and Jon Kyl.  According to recently released fundraising numbers, Republican incumbents lead their challengers $40.3 million to $16.1 million in these seven targeted races.  This is a $24.2 million dollar deficit that the Democrats must supplement out of their campaign committee in order to match spending in these contests.  Our incumbents have known for quite some time that the political climate has been a challenge and is going to remain tough through November.  They have responded by putting together top notch campaign teams and raising the resources necessary to get their messages out back home.  When Republicans maintain the majority after the November elections, it will be as a result of the stellar performances of our incumbents.