Today, investigators are combing through the terrible wreckage of the horrific bombing on eight commuter trains that killed almost 200 people and injured hundreds more in Mumbai yesterday.  Our hearts go out to the innocent people of India's financial hub who were targeted by vicious terrorists in this cowardly act of violence.

While it is not yet clear who carried out this attack, one thing is clear - it was a terror attack in every sense of the word.  It was an attack meant to cause mass casualties and strike fear in the hearts of innocent people.

This is not the first time that terrorists have attacked in India, nor is it the first time they have carried out highly-coordinated attacks on major commuter trains during peak hours.  It has happened in Madrid; it has happened in London; and now it has happened in Mumbai.  It can happen here as well if we don't remain vigilant.

India is a strong ally of America.  They have been steadfast in their support of our efforts to eliminate terror around the world.  They need our support in these difficult times and I am committed to providing them assistance to help them recover.