I am deeply shocked and saddened by the horrific images of the coordinated terrorist attack in Mumbai that killed hundreds of commuters riding the train lines home after work. These terrible images recall similar tragic acts of terror perpetrated in Madrid and London against innocent people, and even last week's revelations of a plot targeting New York City's bridge and tunnel system.

The attack reminds us again of the deadly threat the civilized world faces from those who only know how to hate. It also is a stark reminder that as a global community how vigilant we must be in our effort to apprehend the perpetrators of such acts both here and abroad - before such horrendous acts are committed.

Today's act of brutal terror in Mumbai also shows how vulnerable the world's economic centers are to the deadly threat of terrorism. By targeting India's commercial capital, the terrorists attacked the underpinnings of the Indian economy - the economic engine and diverse ideals of Mumbai.

But now we must focus our attention on the suffering of the wounded and the heavy loss of hundreds of families whose loved ones were killed. I send my deepest sympathies to our Indian friends, and, as a member of Congress, I will work to ensure India receives the necessary support from the United States to cope with this tragic incident and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this brutal terrorist act.

- Congressman Crowley, former Democratic Chair of the Caucus on India and Indian Americans and a member of the House International Relations Committee