Levee and flood control is a life or death situation for the people of coastal Louisiana, and so, it is very disappointing that this report fails to do what Congress mandated: Give us all the facts and show us what it will take to protect coastal Louisiana.

There are numerous differences between the final text and the report reviewed by the Corps/State Project Delivery Team, the Corps’ Independent Technical Review team, and the Independent Peer Review.  Of particular cause for concern is the appearance that the report may have been altered to eliminate important technical information and proposals.  As a result, the modified report omits many recommendations that could have helped protect the people of Louisiana and the nation they serve.

Clearly, the will of Congress has been ignored.  To get the facts, I have today asked the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee on which I sit to hold investigative hearings into the matter.  We need the facts and our people need protection.