I applaud the free, fair and transparent democratic election in Mexico. With over 41 million votes cast the Mexican people have spoken, and Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party (PAN) is their choice to lead Mexico down the road of unity, peace and prosperity.

I expect President-elect Calderon to continue the successful policies of his predecessor, President Vincente Fox, who sought a positive and constructive relationship with the United States, and in that vein, I extend my hand in friendship to President-elect Calderon and the Mexican people.

I applaud the work of Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), which conducted an unbiased and objective district-by-district vote count under the strictest scrutiny, and I thank them for upholding Mexico's commitment to democracy and the rule of law. I urge the IFE to fully address claims of electoral irregularity and resolve lingering disputes in a fair and prompt manner.

Now is the time for Mexico to move past this heated and controversial campaign and work towards forming a unity coalition government, where all the people and parties of Mexico can unite as one and prosper under the strong leadership of President-elect Felipe Calderon.

Once again, I congratulate President-elect Calderon and I look forward to working with him and his administration.