The complexity of the Republican prescription drug program has left many of America's seniors and people with disabilities without access to affordable prescription drugs. This week, House Democrats announced a plan that will change the confusing Republican drug plan by bringing affordability, simplicity, and reliability to the benefit. As part of our New Direction for America, the Democratic Prescription for Change will make prescription drugs more affordable by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices and using those savings to close the donut hole; providing seniors with the simple and reliable option of a plan administered by Medicare; and ensuring reliable and uninterrupted access to prescription drugs by stopping drug plans from increasing co-payments and creating burdensome bureaucracy. Democrats stand united to provide these commonsense improvements. Working together, we will put seniors and people with disabilities first.

As we leave here for this recess, Republicans have failed to pass an increase in the minimum wage. They have failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform. They have failed to pass lobbying reform. They have failed to pass a budget. They have failed to pass the Voting Rights Act. They have failed to pass the 9/11 Commission recommendations. They have failed to pass legislation to protect the privacy of our veterans. Democrats are here to say that in every respect, the Republican Congress is falling short. Our nation is going in the wrong direction, and over two-thirds of the American people have stated that. Congress is recessing while the urgent needs of Americans remain unmet. It is time for a new direction.

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