There should be no underestimating the significance of the change or the impact the absence of non-discrimination will have on the Internet as we have come to know it. Allowing network operators to discriminate against specific websites and Internet content will change the very nature of the Internet forever. I am disappointed by the committee's vote, but I am committed to restoring the non-discrimination principle that has guided the Internet since its inception, and hopeful we will continue to make progress.

The amendment Senator Dorgan and I offered yesterday during the Senate Commerce Committee's consideration of the Communications, Consumer's Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006 would have simply ensured all Internet users have an equal ability to view the content and applications of their choice. Net Neutrality is not a government regulation, but rather a restoration of the guarantee to unfettered, unfiltered, collection and dissemination of ideas and ideals on the Internet. The misunderstanding of this issue can be countered with information, discussion, and the facts.