Once again, Democrats are demonstrating a remarkable ability  to distort the facts as they attempt to paint their confusing Iraq policy in a better light.

While Democrats would like to compare their "cut and run" agenda to General Casey's strategic military plans, it's simply not a valid comparison.
General Casey is an accomplished military official who is leading our troops to victory in Iraq.  As a critical advisor to our Commander in Chief, he is responsible for developing multiple recommendations regarding our future involvement in Iraq. Do Democrats honestly believe that our military commanders on the ground have only one plan for victory? If so, they are more out of touch than I could have ever imagined.

Although Democrats would like to leave Iraq immediately, President Bush and General Casey will not support troop withdrawal from Iraq before U.S. troops complete their mission. The difference between the two approaches is critical.  Democrats' Iraq strategy equals retreat and defeat while President Bush and Republicans remain dedicated to achieving victory in Iraq.