By: Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

America is at risk of being left behind if it doesn't improve its
education system. There are warning signs everywhere. Thirty percent of
our young people are not even graduating from high school. Our students
are lagging behind in math and science. In order to improve education, we
must first assess what works and what doesn't.

The Chamber has assembled a bipartisan team of experts from the Center for
American Progress and the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy
Research to aggregate and analyze current data and supplement it with new
research that examines return on investment, budget transparency, and the
relationship between per pupil spending and student achievement. The
Chamber will use the results of the analysis to formulate and aggressively
advance public policies to improve state education systems across the

America needs a world-class education system. Students deserve it, parents
demand it, and businesses require it if we are to compete and win in the
global economy.