Two weeks ago House Republicans took to the floor and did everything they could to paint Democrats as unpatriotic, against the troops, and as having adopted a craven, "cut and run" posture on the war in Iraq.

Now we find out not only has the Bush administration already started to draw down troops in Iraq, but they have a plan on the table that is virtually identical to H.J. Res. 73, the Murtha "Over the Horizon" plan-the proposal endorsed by the 72 member "Out of Iraq" Caucus, which I Chair. The plan reportedly being pushed by Gen. Casey is looking to significantly reduce the number of troops in Iraq right before the November elections. Gen. Casey is adamant about allowing military leaders on the ground to determine when to further redeploy U.S. troops. He would keep a rapid-response strike force in the region to quell any flare ups that might threaten our allies or the national security of the U.S. Finally, the plan insists on pursuing diplomatic talks with the new Iraqi government and governments in the region to develop "a practical plan of security implementation." The Casey plan is virtually identical to Mr. Murtha's Over the Horizon resolution.

For more than a year, the Out of Iraq Caucus has been advocating the position that the Bush Administration now appears to be embracing with open arms, and we welcome their support.

But, what about the stone-throwing House Republicans? They seem to be in a rather embarrassing position because it looks like they either received the wrong talking points from Karl Rove, or the White House has cut-and-run on them.