Today, on its one-year anniversary the "Out of Iraq" Caucus is putting its weight behind the only coherent, rational plan that will end the abysmal policy failure in Iraq and bring the troops home. Let me be clear. US troops have and continue to make valiant efforts, demonstrate unparalleled bravery and an unwavering commitment to follow an unrepentant Commander-in-Chief who refuses to take responsibility for his numerous mistakes. This war has become synonymous with corruption, mismanagement, faulty planning, duplicity, and an immeasurable loss of human life-the precious lives of 2,500 US troops and thousands of Iraqi civilians. Instead of dealing with these realities and fulfilling their Constitutional obligation to provide the appropriate checks and balances, Congressional Republicans have been intentionally disingenuous in their efforts to accuse Democrats of being unpatriotic, of not supporting the troops, and of wanting to "cut-and-run." Far from espousing any thing close to a "cut-and-run" strategy, H. J. Res. 73, the legislation introduced by Rep. John Murtha is the best plan available. It provides for a conclusion to the war and aspires to bring the troops home. The Resolutions will prevent more troops from being sent to Iraq, start redeploying US troops based on a timetable established by military leaders on the ground, and leave a contingent of Marines in the Middle East to respond to threats that destabilize our allies in the region or the national security of the United States.