One of the most brutal, heinous, and horrendous terrorists was killed last night when the U.S. Armed Forces delivered 500-pounds of justice to Iraq’s ‘Prince of Al-Qaeda’ on behalf of Nicholas Berg, Jack Armstrong, Ken Bigley, Jack Hensley and the thousands of others who were beheaded, tortured, and killed by Al-Zarqawi and his henchmen.

Congratulations to the United States Air Force and to the Special Forces teams on the ground for once again coordinating a precise and effective mission. And it is especially important to note that local Iraqis and Jordanians provided critical intelligence and support for this operation.

The road ahead is far from complete. However, the killing of one of the insurgencies key officials will deal a serious blow to the operational effort of those who are working to thwart the progress being made by Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki, the Iraqi people, and our troops on the ground.