That number is our national debt. That's $8.3 trillion. On a day that President Bush signed the Republican Congress' tax bill (which gives millionaires enough to buy a new luxury car while working Americans don't get enough to buy a tank of gas) into law, House Republican leaders are finally moving forward with their 2007 budget. This budget has been labeled an 'immoral document' by faith leaders, as it slashes funding for crucial initiatives that American families rely on to educate their children, make ends meet and in some cases, simply survive. At the same time, it creates yet another crippling deficit that will put the economic stability of our nation in peril, now and for future generations.$8.3 trillion should be enough of a reason for Republicans to join House Democrats in defeating this budget and committing to pay-as-you-go budget rules, the same kind of common sense that middle-class families use tor balance their check book at home. America can do better than this fiscally irresponsible budget.