Here we are again. Very little has changed since Mr. Kavanaugh’s first hearing two years ago. The objections to his nomination still proceed as follows. First, he lacks the proper experience. In the alternative, he’s got the wrong kind of experience. And, mixed up somewhere in there, he’s represented the wrong clients. As yesterday's hearings demonstrated, each of these objections is flimsy at best.

Like the Roberts and Alito nominations, Brett Kavanaugh’s qualifications are beyond reproach—and his opponents are forced to grasp for any means they can find to defeat his nomination. I am reminded of the statement made by Nan Aron, President of the Alliance for Justice, and one of Justice Alito’s biggest detractors. As Ms. Aron put it: "you name it, we’ll do it" to defeat Judge Alito.

Mr. Kavanaugh possesses qualities that make him an outstanding nominee: extraordinary intellect, legal experience, integrity, respect in the legal community, and a commitment to interpreting law rather than making it. These are the qualities that this President seeks in federal court nominees. He found these qualities in Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito—and has certainly found them in Brett Kavanaugh.