"The SAFE Port" Act is the rarest type of legislation.  A bipartisan bill introduced to make a law, rather than a political statement.  The unanimous approval of this bill by the subcommittee and the full House Homeland Security Committee was a result of that bipartisan cooperation and the extensive effort that was made to incorporate ideas and suggestions from both sides of the aisle

I am pleased the Homeland Security Committee and the Congress have adopted a sense of urgency with regard to this important legislation.  Comprehensive legislation that addresses the vulnerabilities of our sea ports is long overdue.  The SAFE Port Act is that legislation.  National port security has become a very hot topic in recent months, but Congresswoman Jane Harman and I have been working on this legislation since last year. 

Extending our borders out and strategically focusing our resources, SAFE Port improves the safety of the American people and the security of our global supply chain.  Creating multi layered maritime security and dedicating the resources necessary to identify suspect cargo and individuals, this legislation will ensure our shores are our last line of defense, not our first