Karen has the experience—and guts—to take on Washington, D.C. and force the government to start acting in the best interests of young Americans. It’s no secret that young Americans have been hit hardest by Obama’s liberal crusade and an out-of-control government.

Plagued by anemic job growth, college students struggle to find jobs after graduation. Many settle for an unpaid internship—the lucky ones get a stipend to cover the commute—or retreat to the security of mom and dad’s basement while they wait tables or bag groceries. Young Americans want to work, we want to pay our own way, but we need jobs. And being an Obamacare navigator just isn't going to cut it.

Karen understands how government spurs job growth: it gets out of the way.

As a management executive and the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce CEO, Karen learned how government regulation and red tape adversely affect businesses. While Chair of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Karen closed a $100 million budget gap—without one cent in new taxes. Karen’s “no new taxes” approach stimulated job growth. She kept her commitment to taxpayers when she fired a corrupt Sheriff after millions of dollars of county funds went missing.

As Georgia’s Secretary of State, Karen wasted no time restructuring the office; streamlining permitting and licensing processes and saving tax-payer dollars from going to waste. Her elimination of needless bureaucratic hurdles allowed businesses to focus on creating jobs and not filling out government paperwork.

When Susan G. Komen for the Cure caved to political pressure and restored funding to Planned Parenthood, Karen resigned her executive position and abandoned her six-figure salary. Karen held firm to her pro-life convictions and took a bold stand for the lives of millions of unborn children.

Karen’s top three opponents will sound off on all the conservative talking-points, checking-off the boxes as they go down the list. But talk is cheap. These three men have a combined record of 42 years in Congress. Willingly or not, they had a hand in creating the fiscal mess in which America has found herself. They’re guilty by association, and now they want a promotion. Typical.  Many conservatives bemoan the revolving door between the Capitol and K Street, but what about the revolving door between both houses of Congress? How is this any better? It’s time for a change. It’s time for someone new. 

Young Americans deserve a leader who will fight to restore common sense to Washington. A leader who will end the “pass it now, pay it later” mentality. My generation faces the horrid task of paying for the reckless and irresponsible spending habits of the last twenty-odd years. America’s future—our future—remains bleak and stagnant under the weight of never-ending government debt. The time has come for young Americans to demand a leader who understands the immorality of Washington’s spending habits; a leader with a strong track record of fiscal responsibility. Karen Handel is that leader.

Karen will champion limited government, the repeal of Obamacare, a balanced budget, and less government spending. She will fight for liberty by supporting the 4th Amendment and not the NSA.  She will fight for jobs by cutting taxes. She will serve with the heart of a humble servant, not as a greedy power-player looking to make her next move.

As Georgia’s next U.S. Senator, Karen Handel will steer America on a better path and ensure that young Americans meet our rendezvous with destiny.

Chaney, raised in Georgia, is a senior at The George Washington University in D.C. majoring in political science.