The Big Question Who will win in Florida?

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of, said:

Christ has high approval ratings in spite of the Rubio challenge: 56 percent overall, which is great for an incumbent these days. I say he takes it.

Rob Richie,
executive director of FairVote, said:

Charlie Crist starts in a place where few independent candidates do -- as a generally popular sitting governor. Given Americans' understandable frustration with the limitations of the two-party system, Gov. Crist has a chance to define himself as an embodiment of the "sensible center." Whether he wins with that message will come down to turnout and whether Democrat Kendrick Meek avoids the perception of being just a "spoiler," as usually happens to third party candidates.

Alan Abramowitz, professor of political science at Emory University, said:

Who knows? I don’t think there is any way to make a meaningful prediction right now, but I’d say Crist has the most difficult path to victory. I don’t think he can hold onto enough Republican voters or pry enough Democrats away from Meek to pull it off.  I’d probably make Rubio a slight favorite, but it will depend on what happens to the national political climate during the next six months and what kind of campaign Meek runs. Right now Meek is by far the least well known of the three so he has the greatest potential to shape voter opinion with his campaign.

Herbert London, president of the Hudson Institute, said:

Despite the decision by Florida governor Crist to run as an Independent, I believe Marco RubioMarco RubioColorado GOP Senate race to unseat Dem incumbent is wide open Rubio: I hope I can trust whoever wins with the nuclear codes Rubio faces Trump-like challenger in primary MORE will win the Senate race. My belief is predicated on the tailwind Republicans are enjoying based on the public's antipathy to decisions in the Obama administration. Needless to say, having Crist on the ballot makes matters more complicated for the Republican Party, but I still believe Mr. Rubio will prevail.

Peter Navarro, professor of economics and public policy at UC Irvine, said:

A Republican – Crist or Rubio. That’s the big picture for the Hill. Too bad Kay Bailey Hutchinson didn’t think of this strategy in Texas against Rick Perry.  That would have been interesting.
The bigger picture here is that the country is moving center right again. Crist is just acting out the median voter model and has a good chance of outflanking Rubio.

Monica Russo, SEIU Florida State Council president, said:

Kendrick Meek will be the next U.S. Senator from Florida. Meek’s background is clearly different than every other candidate in this race, one that is in tune with middle class families who are working harder than ever before but are still falling behind. He has a history of fighting for ideals that we at SEIU have long championed. Only Kendrick Meek is focused on fighting for smaller class sizes for students, for schools where parents and teachers have the tools to prepare and educate our children, for financial reform that will restore our middle-class dream of home ownership and planning for our children's future and for real health insurance reform. Our members value the principled stands he has taken, while the challengers in this race have failed to offer meaningful solutions. Working men and women stand with Kendrick Meek, our next U.S. Senator.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said:
Marco Rubio will win the Florida Senate race. This is not the year to run as a supporter of Obama and his stimulus spending -- the position of the Democrat Meek and failed Republican Crist.
Crist signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to oppose any and all tax hikes ... and then signed tax hikes on Floridians. Just as Obama promised not to tax middle-class Americans -- and then did so.  Some voters view lying about raising taxes negatively.
Crist has run one of the worst campaigns in modern history ... how does moving left and trading the future of Florida's children for payola from the teacher unions make sense? Why endorse the stimulus spending bill before it was unveiled.   
Crist decided to run as a Rockefeller Republican in a year that demands Reagan Republicans. This is what happens when you get your understanding of the electorate from the establishment press.

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