Coal Energy Equals Independence

Our nation has the largest reserves of coal in the world - nearly 250 billion tons of recoverable coal. By using an existing technology called the Fischer-Tropsch process, coal can be converted cleanly into liquid fuel.


Intelligence Failures Have Created Distrust Among Citizens

For years, the Bush administration has not kept the Senate Intelligence committee fully and currently informed of all appropriate intelligence activities. Until recently, for example, for some time now only two Democratic senators were allowed by the Bush administration to be briefed on all these matters that are all over our newspapers.

These failures in my view have put the American people in a difficult spot. Because the committee hasn't been kept informed, because of these revelations in the newspapers, now we have many of our citizens -- law-abiding, patriotic Americans who want to strike the balance between fighting terrorism and protecting liberty, now they're questioning their government's word. (from the open hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence-May 18)



Iraqi Government Has Surprised Cut and Run Caucus

The Iraqi people continue to demonstrate their commitment to democracy, and continue to exceed the dire predictions of the naysayers and armchair generals in Washington D.C.

We have witnessed the fall of a brutal dictator, followed by successful elections, the creation of a new constitution, and now the formation of an Iraqi cabinet to run a democratically elected government. This progress was unthinkable only three years ago, and must be unimaginable to the Congressional Cut-and-Run Caucus.

The people of Iraq should be congratulated, not dismissed as unable to enjoy the benefits of democracy and freedom.  


Re: Get Rid of The Confusion Surrounding the Estate Tax

I am a cosponsor of this legislation because we need to bring certainty to this issue. It will bring common sense to a portion of tax law that is currently confusing and uncertain. It will give people the ability to properly plan for the future.


Expand Powers to Protect American Forests

Thousands upon thousands of foresters, scientists, firefighters, local government officials, and private landowners agree: federal forestland managers need the authorities provided by the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act for the future of America's national forests. The professionals who manage and protect our forests on a daily basis support this legislation because it allows them to use their expertise, hands-on experience and practical knowledge to make timely and responsible decisions necessary to improve the health, vitality and safety of our national forests

Our common sense, bipartisan legislation came to the House Floor after nine committee hearings across the country, more than fifty different drafts, and overwhelming support by both the House Resources and House Agriculture Committees.


New Poll Numbers Promising and Troublesome for Bush

The latest Fox News poll shows 29% of people saying gas prices were the major issue as opposed to only 13% that mentioned Iraq.  Iraq is fading as the most important issue.  An opportunity for Bush the president and a danger for Bush the oilman.

Inhofe English Language Amendment is Unneccessary and Divisive

Senator Inhofe’s amendment is unnecessary and divisive. There is simply no danger of the English language being displaced as the United States’ common, unifying language. This provision would also weaken the government’s ability to communicate effectively in times of disasters. During these times, we must be able to clearly and effectively communicate with all residents, including those who are still in the process of learning English.

History shows that a common language cannot be imposed by law. The best way to maintain English as America’s national language is by supporting ESL services for recent immigrants, not by restricting those immigrants’ rights to receive important government communications in a clear and understandable way.


Art Cannot Be Compromised During Tough Times

We can't allow the arts to be first on the chopping block when budgets get tight. Artistic endeavors provide five million jobs per year, generate over $130 billion in economic activity, and help our children to learn in the classroom. An investment in the arts is an investment in America.


Leveling the Internet Playing Field for Providers and Consumers

The Internet has flourished as an open medium where users can access any lawful content, applications and services, using any devices. Recently, however, some last-mile broadband providers have indicated their intent to engage in a practice which would undermine the openness and accessibility of the Internet, qualities which have made the Internet a major driving force in our nation's economy. They plan to charge websites for users to reach them more quickly, thereby creating an Internet with a fast lane and a slow lane.

The Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act would ensure that the Internet continues to exist as an unfettered medium where startups and businesses of all sizes can provide content and services reachable by all consumers. Because it provides that if data of any kind is prioritized then all data of a similar kind would be entitled to priority treatment without any charge for the prioritization, it would assure that the market power broadband providers now exercise over transmission is not extended to control of content. This measure is particularly important and timely because H.R. 5252, the Energy and Commerce Committee video franchising measure, is insufficient to ensure that broadband network providers do not abuse their market power to discriminate against competitive Internet content or services.


Get Rid of The Confusion Surrounding the Estate Tax

Because the so-called repeal of the estate tax will go away in 2011, it's becoming very clear that the permanent elimination is not going to happen.

I have introduced this bill, first because of the budget deficit, but second, because legislators are getting a lot of calls from financial planners saying they are going crazy because they don't know what will happen in 2011, so they said "we need you guys to settle this so we can plan long term."