Correcting Capps's on Natural Gas Drilling

As energy prices continue on a steep, upward trajectory, and the debate in Congress over matters related to offshore energy exploration begins to attract the attention of a larger audience, much will be cited and suggested in the weeks to come by various interest groups and, by proxy, their constituent lawmakers, including Congresswoman Capps, about the safety, feasibility, and necessity of offshore natural gas production. The following is meant to help you separate some of the most distorted and specious claims from the actual facts as they appear on the ground.So-called environmentalists claim: Drilling ONLY for natural gas is a myth – oil will always be involved.

The truth: A familiar refrain, for sure – but a stunningly inaccurate one. Canadian companies drill only for natural gas every day in the Great Lakes without touching oil. But don’t take my word for it – contact them yourself. I recommend a gentleman named Greg Stringham, vice president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. His number is (403) 267-1106.


Re: Subject:$ 8,338,162,385,897.57

Early this morning, the House voted to pass the FY07 Budget Resolution. As a member of the House Budget Committee, I was pleased that we were able to get a fiscally responsible budget passed.By passing the House budget resolution, we are taking important steps on the long road to fiscal responsibility. Although, I would have favored deeper reductions in spending, this budget addresses the need to spend responsibly and reduce the deficit.

The FY 07 budget furthers our plan to support our growing economy, strengthen our nation's most critical programs, reform the federal government, and spend the taxpayers' dollars wisely. Slowing the growth of government spending is never easy, but we have made some tough choices and we are making progress.


Peterson's Drilling Proposal a Waste of Time

With all the work that Congress needs to do this year, it is a shame that we are wasting time today considering Rep. Peterson's proposal to allow new drilling in our sensitive coastal and marine areas.

Last year I led the bipartisan opposition to a similar proposal from Rep. Peterson that was soundly defeated.Here we are again, considering a flawed proposal that fails to responsibly address our country's energy needs and at the same time jeopardizes our economically and environmentally valuable coastal areas.

A Slap in the Face For Those Who Wanted Failure

The good news on Medicare Part D keeps rolling in. Monday marked the end of the initial enrollment period, and the results are showing that the program is a huge success. Ninety percent of seniors now have prescription drug coverage - that's 9 in 10 seniors that can better afford the medicines they need to stay well.

As the May 15th deadline approached, seniors were signing up at a rapid pace. More than a million seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D last week alone, and the 1-800-MEDICARE hotline answered 64,000 calls in one day. We owe a great deal of thanks to the community organizations across America that helped educate and enroll seniors. Now, the fruits of their labor are evident. Seniors are saving an average of $1,100 a year on their medications - $3,700 a year for low-income seniors. A recent Chamber of Commerce poll found 85 percent of seniors believe their prescription drug plan is affordable and covers the medicines they need.

Subject: $ 8,338,162,385,897.57

That number is our national debt. That's $8.3 trillion. On a day that President Bush signed the Republican Congress' tax bill (which gives millionaires enough to buy a new luxury car while working Americans don't get enough to buy a tank of gas) into law, House Republican leaders are finally moving forward with their 2007 budget. This budget has been labeled an 'immoral document' by faith leaders, as it slashes funding for crucial initiatives that American families rely on to educate their children, make ends meet and in some cases, simply survive. At the same time, it creates yet another crippling deficit that will put the economic stability of our nation in peril, now and for future generations.$8.3 trillion should be enough of a reason for Republicans to join House Democrats in defeating this budget and committing to pay-as-you-go budget rules, the same kind of common sense that middle-class families use tor balance their check book at home. America can do better than this fiscally irresponsible budget.  


Republican Budget Shabby, Irresponsible, Unfair

The Republican budget for Fiscal Year 2007 is irresponsible and unfair. It heaps more debt on our children and shortchanges investment in America's priorities. For evidence of how shabby a budget blueprint this is, look no further than the Republican conference itself, which is deeply divided over supporting it. Republicans are running scared that their irresponsible budgets will finally catch up to them at the ballot box this November.



Defense Bill Bolsters Military and Cares for Troops

The Defense Authorization Bill, H.R. 5122, is a good bill that covers numerous critical national security issues. I believe we have crafted a robust plan that will improve our military's capabilities to accomplish the full range of diverse 21st century missions, minimize risks associated with such challenges, and effectively engage in operations, when necessary, as far from American shores as possible.

House Budget Resolution Reflects Irresponsibility Rather Than Priority

The budget is supposed to be a reflection of our Nation's priorities, a statement about what we value as Americans. Yet, this budget leaves much to be desired.Like so many other bills we have considered this year, it represents a tragic missed opportunity. Given the many serious short comings in the budget, it is no surprise that it has taken the Republican Leadership so long to bring this budget resolution to a vote.

This reckless House Republican budget is both fiscally and morally irresponsible. As a Nurse and former educator, I am particularly concerned about the deep cuts to education and veteran's health care. Also troubling are the short sighted cuts to infrastructure projects and domestic disaster preparedness programs that are sorely needed in my district and across the country. These misplaced priorities truly embody the saying "penny wise and pound foolish."

After years of reckless tax cutting, chronic under funding of critical programs and record annual deficits, it would seem to be time for a new direction on budgetary matters. Unfortunately, the Republicans would rather run up record deficits and give away massive tax cuts to special interests and the wealthy rather than invest in the programs that would best serve and protect our nation. The harmful effects of these misguided cuts will be felt throughout our nation.

I urge my colleagues to reject this budget resolution and prove that you are committed to protecting funding for our nation's hard-working families, and not special interests.


Sarbanes-Oxley Highly Damaging to Small Businesses

Numerous studies show that the current implementation of the reporting provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley is highly damaging to small businesses—it makes capital more expensive, stifles growth, and ultimately reduces innovation. I cannot sit idly by if these are the consequences of our regulatory policies. Coming from a state like Michigan with a hard hit manufacturing sector, I can tell you this is no way for American business to remain internationally competitive.Every company in my district is complaining about the high cost of implementing these provisions. It is seriously disadvantaging them in the global marketplace, and at the same time it is not giving investors the information that they really need.