During last week’s Republican Convention, there was no policy talk or plans about how we will continue our country’s economic recovery and help bring more jobs back to the United States. Instead the theme of the convention was to show that Governor Romney was a human being and someone that was compassionate and cared about others. With all due respect to the governor, this will not get the job done. Republicans stated that when President Obama got elected in 2008, they all were rooting for him to do a great job. That’s simply not the case. Ever since he got elected, Republicans had no interest in working with the President and his team to help solve our country’s problems. Republicans saying that they wanted President Obama to succeed is like the Russians saying they wanted Gabby Douglas to win the gold medal in this year’s Olympic Games in London.

African-Americans, Hispanics, women and young voters together provide a new Democratic coalition of voters that could allow Democrats to hold the seat of the White House not just for this election cycle but for years to come. But, now it’s time that for all Democrats to debate the issues and make sure that we are bringing our party and our new democratic coalition together. If we do that, president will be re-elected in 2012 for another four years

The Democratic Party has always stood for being the party of change and that ideal is symbolized by having an African-American president. By focusing on the future and continuing to put the country back on the right course, President Obama will continue to do what he has been doing every day, fighting for the American people, our nation’ s middle class and making sure that the 99 percent are not forgotten. Their voices will be heard and we will not return to the Bush era economic policies that the other side is proposing.

Reid is the managing director of BGR Group, a leading Washington, D.C.-based government affairs, public relations and investment group. He was a senior staff aide to former Vice President Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreHamas attacks Israel — and the world condemns Israel Al Gore: Trump should fire Pruitt Dems seize on gun control heading into midterms MORE, former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo.