The choice coming this November is one that can be summed up with one simple set of questions. Do you support a federal government that makes choices for you, dictates what you can and cannot do with your lives, and one that assumes D.C. bureaucrats know better than Florida families how to spend their money? Or do you support a federal government that stands up for your freedoms and liberties, one that gives power back to the individual, and one that gives you the tools to succeed in life – a hand up, not a hand out? I am confident the correct answer is the latter.

What we do face this November, however, is a once-in-a-lifetime call for fiscal discipline and measures that get our debt and deficit under control. We can’t continue down the same path that got us to trillion dollar deficits and record debt, and expect to see different results.

As Americans we know that hard work, entrepreneurship and dedication can take you far in life. But for some, that isn’t enough, and they deserve our assistance. Nobody is saying we should deny care to the disabled, the homeless veteran, or the mentally impaired. Americans are willing to stand up for the less fortunate and to help them in their time of need.

What we are saying is that we can no longer afford to borrow 40 cents of every dollar the federal government spends. That we cannot continue down a road where record numbers of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, are on food stamps, or receiving welfare. The people I know in Central Florida are willing to work and help turn our economy around, but the policies of this Administration are stifling job creation and keeping them from finding a new career.

We also need to realize that new and expanded federal regulations and taxes are killing the job creators in this country. The bottom line is that the Obama Administration’s red tape is hurting our economy and putting people out of work. Whether it is restrictive catch share regulations putting commercial fisherman out of work, numeric nutrient regulations that could put our construction industry out of business, or EPA regulations that hurt our agriculture industry, the red tape coming from this Administration has stopped tens of thousands of Floridians from getting back to work.

On top of the regulations, Florida’s Space Coast has been decimated by the Obama Administration’s decision to cancel the Constellation program without a viable follow-on program. For the highly skilled workers who call Central Florida home, and for the NASA manufacturers in every county of our State, this decision has led to massive job losses.

Given this history, it is clear Florida voters face a real choice this November. Governor Romney and Representative Ryan have a history of getting things done, of supporting policies that give the private sector the tools they need to put people back to work, and fiscally responsible measures that will get our nation’s debt and deficit under control.

Whether it is capping federal spending as a percentage of GDP, or keeping taxes low for all Americans, they understand that we need sound fiscal policies coming from Washington, not the failed stimulus spending bills and bailouts of the past.

Gov. Romney also understands the importance of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship as the engines that grow our economy. Rather than former Speaker Pelosi’s insistence that having more Americans on food stamps will stimulate the economy, Mitt Romney understands that giving people the tools to start their own companies and to invest in their own future is the best way to create jobs. Ask someone who started an Internet business out of their living room, or who bought a van and started a food truck company in their hometown if they would rather be on food stamps, or owning something that gives them and their family a chance at a brighter future?

This November Florida votes do face a real choice. They can once again support President Obama and his failed agenda of big government and reduced freedoms, or they can stand with Governor Romney and his plan to create millions of new jobs and get America working again.

Adams, a Republican from Florida, is a member of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.