Enough of Romney's 'fuzzy math'

I should vote for Mitt Romney because Speaker BoehnerJohn BoehnerGraham: 'Lucifer may be the only person Trump can beat in a general election' Obama mocks GOP, media and himself in final WHCA dinner address Obama pals around with Boehner in WHCA dinner video MORE and Majority Leader Cantor will not hold him hostage like they did President Obama? This amounts to giving in to the worst elements of American politics today. 
I had a front line seat to the debt crisis debate. I saw first-hand the Republican intransigence; its Tea Party-influenced zealotry and refusal to compromise.  They brought the United States to the brink of default to preserve ideological purity on taxes. That’s not how we should solve problems at the national level.
And it has real life-or-death implications for my constituents. If we spend even more on defense, as Gov. Romney wants, we spend less on firefighters, policemen, and teachers. If we cut discretionary spending, including domestic emergency response assistance, we end those programs currently keeping New Yorkers literally and virtually afloat. Simple math, we can’t have it both ways. We can’t purchase 15 more Navy ships a year – ships the Navy did not ask for – and preserve domestic services. We can’t increase the size of our ground forces without making bone-chilling cuts here at home.
Sandy’s cataclysmic impact eroded whatever patience I had left with Romney’s “fuzzy math.” Romney’s economic perspective, especially when fused with the destructive Tea Party ideology, leaves me deeply fearful for my constituents here in New York. 

Meeks is a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

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