This week, the D.C. Circuit Court delivered great news for the millions of Americans living in apartments and condominiums.  The Court upheld key FCC policy that ensures vigorous video and broadband competition for consumers who reside in multiple dwelling units (MDUs).  This positive ruling affirms an FCC order previously issued to end the practice of cable companies signing exclusive video service contracts for MDUs – a practice that limited choice and competition for individual consumers.

Now, thanks to this pro-competitive policy, Americans across the nation will be able to enjoy the unbridled benefits of enhanced choices and innovative services.  And for the high numbers of minorities and seniors on fixed incomes who live in these residences, improved choices and competitive prices for video and high-speed services are particularly invaluable. 

Across the U.S. communications marketplace, policies that promote competition and encourage investment are the best way to accelerate the delivery of next-generation innovations to consumers everywhere.  This decision blows the doors wide open on consumer choice and access for a key portion of the population.  With expanded options and telecom companies’ ongoing investments in infrastructure, consumers and our economy will enjoy the benefits of robust competition.  On behalf of USTelecom, we applaud the D.C. Circuit Court’s conclusion, and our member companies look forward to innovating and competing to deliver the very best in video and broadband services to all consumers.