Our nation's growing cyber crisis

While much of the nation focused on the technical glitches that rendered the website incapable of handling the predicted volume of transactions, you may have also noticed various headlines about the same systems’ cyber security flaws. It’s hard to imagine a more compelling warning to our national leaders that cyber security must be considered in everything we do – from health care and business to education and workforce development.


Auto safety has come a long way

During the holiday season, millions of people travel by car to celebrate with family and friends. While most don’t worry about dangers on the road, the truth is that traveling today is a lot safer than it was 30 years ago.


Actions belie India's talk on respect for intellectual property

To see the Indian government’s recent disregard for U.S. intellectual property is frustrating, especially since Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recently said India is committed to “fostering an economic environment that is open, predictable and transparent.”


The international story on in-flight communications

It’s no wonder some Washington lawmakers – citing obnoxious phone users – are voicing concerns about letting airline passengers make phone calls during domestic flights.  One Congressman went so far as to say that the “flying experience in the United States would be forever changed for the worse if voice calls are allowed on flights.”


End the Internet blackout on airplanes

The result this time is likely to be different, and for good reason:  Our cell phones aren’t just cell phones anymore, they are connected computers.  Thus, the practical effect of the FCC’s rule goes beyond banning talk to creating a de facto Internet blackout zone on airplanes.