I applaud President-elect Obama for his marvelous choice of General Shinseki as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. General Shinseki, perhaps the most qualified official yet nominated of the already excellent choices by Mr. Obama, is an honest, candid professional who -- even when pushed aside by the Bush Administration when it disagreed with his advice and judgment (which later proved correct) -- never stooped to personalizing his "dismissal" after leaving the executive branch.

Having served with him, General Shinseki is, quite simply, a soldier’s soldier, and he will be a veteran’s veteran as he works to improve the seam that often occurs when servicemembers leave military service and the Veterans Administration becomes responsible for their support. His quiet, firm, and highly respected demeanor and judgment will ensure the most honorable and full support of our veterans. I look forward to working with him in the 111th Congress to improve the quality of life of our brethren who wore the cloth of this nation.