The Administration

Culture of corruption

As the scandal has unfolded, the media has predictably remained largely silent, allowing the Obama administration to sweep it under the rug.


Creeping centralization

While 67 percent of Americans think “too many Americans are dependent on the government” in a 2013 Rasmussen poll, more Americans are dependent than ever.


Curse of can’t-do government

It’s been a tough few weeks for President Obama. The disastrous launch of his controversial health care law, marked by a malfunctioning website, insurance rate hikes and millions of cancelled policies, has even the president’s most ardent admirers questioning his executive ability.


ICE Public Affairs: Rogue office in a rogue agency

This week, protesters with "Not One More Deportation" staged a demonstration calling for the closure of the Eloy (Arizona) detention center, which is owned and operated for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).


The government has your data at its fingertips

As news broke about the Internal Revenue Service’s accidental disclosure of thousands of social security numbers online, a representative of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau testified before a subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee about the CFPB’s use of Americans’ personal financial data. He reassured Congress that the CFPB “makes every effort to obtain market data in an efficient manner with an eye toward reducing the burden and cost on industry. The bureau also makes every effort to safeguard and protect the information that it does obtain.”

In another ironic twist, on the very same day, I happened to receive a letter that makes such assurances sound a bit less comforting.


Former secretaries to Foxx: Reach out to DOT staffers

In politics, the “outsider” tag is a sought-after commodity.  But in policy, some of the best advice can be found in those who have spent their careers inside the Beltway.  This is the advice six former Transportation Secretaries recently offered to Anthony Foxx.


Who should be holding whom accountable?

Inspectors General, who hold federal agencies accountable by conducting audits and, when needed, investigating alleged misconduct, are in place to provide oversight over how taxpayer funded federal agencies are operating. But what happens if the inspectors are allegedly conducting the misconduct?