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Up to Israel to salvage peace process

Current peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians are in jeopardy of collapsing after Israel reneged on its agreement to release Palestinian prisoners.


Climate change and drilling

What is emerging is a clear picture of the impacts of climate change in the Arctic and the risks posed by future drilling in the area.


Democracy assistance with hands tied

By allowing Cuban Americans to travel and to send remittances more freely to the island and permitting U.S. cultural and academic visitors to travel to the island, the U.S. reforms have fueled the growth of a nascent private sector on the communist island.


The Lesser Prairie-Chicken and circumventing public oversight

At first glance, this might seem like a parochial issue. In reality, it is a lawsuit that carries with it serious implications not only for the individual private property rights of all Americans, but also for the future of our economy and energy independence here in the United States.


Effective climate agreements: past, present and future

Climate efforts by U.S. states and the administration, along with energy efficiency investments and the switch from coal to lower emitting natural gas, have helped to reduce American emissions to their lowest levels in 20 years, despite opposition by almost all Republicans in Congress.