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The power of nuclear energy

An apparently inadvertent set of artificial conditions are combining to sharply restrict the use of nuclear energy in the U.S., potentially damaging both our economy and the environment. 


Don’t let politics jeopardize our energy renaissance

As we find ourselves amid a booming energy renaissance, crude oil exports are a policy change that will further fuel this industry well into the future. Therefore, it is critical all the facts are on the table and do not get lost in misleading political rhetoric.


Congress considers taking a bite out of the patent trolls

Patent trolls — those nefarious entities who clog the courts with frivolous patent lawsuits — are sweating. Patent litigation bills are advancing in both the House and the Senate, and President Obama has vowed to sign reform legislation before leaving office. If the reformers win, the patent trolls will have to scavenge elsewhere, and a broken system that has encouraged litigation rather innovation will finally get fixed.


A bad Iran deal and a worse US legacy

The intrinsic flaw in the impending accord is that it will solely address known sites. Since 2002, there has not been a single instance where Tehran has come clean with its activities. Why should it be trusted now?


Liberia’s president does not get it

The current problems in Liberia are the making of the current Liberian government and the so-called power-hungry opposition that criticizes the administration while being in bed with the government as consultants and corruption bedfellows at the same time.