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The umbrellas of Sousse

For Tunisia, whose experiment in democracy is in a fragile stage, the murder of 38 foreign visitors is another, possibly fatal, blow to one of the country’s more important economic engines.


The EPA’s mercury standards: A debate poorly framed

Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (Utility MACT) has lately been framed as by conservatives as a blow to “crippling regulations” chauvinistically made with zero consideration for the facts on the costs and benefits of regulation, and by liberals as an attempt to boost polluting industry at the cost of the public’s health.

Starkly grim statements have left both sides at each other’s throats, but the debate has been poorly framed: contrary to the right, the EPA has already considered the costs of MACT regulations, and opposing statements have oftentimes been deceptive; contrary to the left, the ruling is more concerned with procedures than the very existence of the MACT regulations.


The power of nuclear energy

An apparently inadvertent set of artificial conditions are combining to sharply restrict the use of nuclear energy in the U.S., potentially damaging both our economy and the environment.