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Silver linings of King v. Burwell

Convention claims the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell decision is a loss for conservatives. But Democrats shouldn’t celebrate. Politically, it’s a win for the right, skirting potential harm in terms of legal precedent as well as improving positioning for 2016.


Principles or common sense: Which should prevail for Ex-Im?

Our parents taught us to live by our principles. They also intended us to practice good common sense, something learned slowly over time. If politics is the art of compromise, then it is unsurprising that politics is where compromise — and conflicts — between principles and common sense most often occur.

Critics of the Ex-Im Bank insist they have principles on their side in their argument to eliminate this tiny but significant U.S. government agency. I wish they were using common sense instead.


Obama can get dark money out of politics with a swipe of his pen

The Latino community is poised to decide this year’s election, and interest groups from across the political spectrum are already vying for our votes.

Unfortunately, because of the flood of money into politics, groups like the Koch brother’s LIBRE Initiative can spend millions of dollars to gain the trust and support of the Latino community through community festivals and events while simultaneously funding campaigns and supporting candidates who work in opposition to their interests.


The hate crime you've never heard of

Femicide, the killing of women because of their gender, is the most extreme form of violence against women. In order to more effectively protect the lives of American women, the US needs federal law prohibiting femicide.