Taliban hit main NATO base in Kabul

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on the main NATO base in Kabul on Wednesday. 

Taliban fighters set off a car bomb outside the main gate used by U.S. and allied forces, hitting a German convoy entering the installation, according to recent reports

The bombing comes as Washington and Kabul continue to wrangle over a postwar plan for the country after U.S. forces pull out in 2014. 

Two of the vehicles in the convoy were damaged but no NATO troops were injured or killed in the explosion.

The NATO base, located next to Kabul International Airport in the heart of the capitol, is home to several command hubs for American and coalition forces operating in country. 

In June, several Taliban fighters launched an assault against the NATO base, strafing the compound with small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar fire until security forces beat back the insurgent attack, according to reports at the time. 

That attack was one in a string of Taliban strikes targeting American and coalition targets inside the Afghan capitol.