2 Afghans killed by car bomb at US facility in Kabul

Baryalai, the Afghan security officer for McClean, Va.-based Contrack, told the AP that a suicide bomber drove a vehicle with explosives to the wall of the compound and detonated it, although Afghan police could not confirm that report.

Baryalai, who goes by one name, said an American official of the company was seriously wounded, and injured employees included Americans, Afghans and South Africans.

A Taliban spokesman took responsibility for the attack, telling reporters a suicide car bomber targeted the company’s compound because it was working with the government.

The landmine explosion in Nangarhar Province that killed 10 girls occurred Monday when the girls apparently walked onto a minefield from the 1990s. The mines were used when Afghan resistance fighters were battling Soviet forces.

"It was a British-made anti-tank mine," said Abigail Hartley, the manager of the U.N. mine program, told the AP.

U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Allen said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened” by the girls’ deaths. He noted that Afghanistan is one of the “most heavily mined countries on earth.”