Majority of Hispanics want action on climate

A majority of Hispanics in the United States want presidential action on climate change, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions for the green group Natural Resources Defense Council, found that nine in 10 Latinos want the government to act on the dangers of global warming and climate change.

From that majority, 68 percent of Republican Latinos say action on climate change is "important." And 86 percent of Latinos support President Obama's proposed limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

"Of the issues we’ve polled, the only other national issue Latinos feel more intensely about is immigration reform,” said Matt Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions, in a statement on Thursday.

“Action on climate change is a very high priority for Latinos — regardless of age, income, party affiliation or where they live."

"This is a clear message for public officials who want support from Latinos: protecting the environment is a top priority. If you want their support, taking action on climate change is an important place to start," Barreto added.

Roughly 800 Hispanics across the U.S. were surveyed, Latino Decisions said — adding that they are fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, expected to double by 2030.