Rep. Louie GohmertLouie GohmertBudget process drags as GOP struggles for consensus GOP rep: DOJ conspiracy targeting Trump Republicans want to know why Comey didn’t write memo about Lynch MORE (R-Texas) on Thursday blasted a decision by House leaders to voice vote a controversial Medicare bill, and said he and other like-minded members would monitor the House floor at all times to ensure it can't happen again.

Gohmert was reacting to a decision by House leaders to quickly approve a "doc fix" bill by voice vote. That vote came after Republicans huddled to examine whether they could pass the bill given opposition from both sides.

The voice vote was agreed by leaders of both parties — it allowed the bill to pass to avoid a 24 percent cut to Medicare reimbursement rates next week, and avoided the possible risk of a failed roll call vote.

Gohmert told reporters that the decision was "outrageous," and on the House floor, he said members should be able to trust their leaders to call for roll call votes on controversial bills.

"So I am very surprised today that with us in the majority, our own leadership in charge, something as important as the doctor fix would be brought to the floor on a voice vote," he said.

Gohmert said he would have been on the floor, but wasn't sure how long the recess would be just before the vote. But he said he would not make that mistake again.

"Now I know that I need to get with some other members and make sure we have people on the floor, since we won't be sure what our own leadership is going to do."

"That's very unfortunate. It's unfortunate," he said. "You need to be able to trust your own leadership."