"It's been suggested by some on the president's economic team that Republicans are rooting for failure," McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Monday. "That is utterly preposterous. If Republicans wanted failure we would support this president's misguided policies."

McConnell's comments are a defense against an attack Democrats have repeatedly made — most recently, Obama campaign deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter and top Obama strategist David Axelrod said Republicans were hoping for the economy to suffer so Obama and Democrats could be voted out of office.

In the same speech, McConnell reiterated an accusation regularly made by him and other Republican legislators — that Obama and Democrats are championing legislation for political gain rather than helping the country.

"But the larger point is this: We’ll never solve any of the problems we face if the president continues to put his need for campaign rhetoric ahead of finding bipartisan solutions," McConnell said. "And whether it’s pretending that small ball, Post-it Note-quality proposals would have a major impact on the economy, or pretending that Republicans who are the only ones actually working on bipartisan solutions are somehow sitting on our hands, he’s doing a major disservice to the American people."