Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) used President Trump’s words against him on Monday evening, saying she agrees that the House-passed GOP healthcare reform bill is “mean.”

Speaking during a Senate talkathon in which Democrats protested GOP senators’ closed-door efforts to shape their own legislation, the freshman senator compared the two bills.

"Even though the authors of this bill have tried to conceal their plan, this bill would be nothing short of disaster. We've been told it's about 80 percent the same as the bill passed by the House. A bill so catastrophic that even the president, who hailed its passage, now called it 'mean,' " said Harris, who is getting early 2020 White House speculation. 

Trump criticized the House bill during a closed-door meeting with Senate Republicans last week, urging them to make their proposal more generous. 

The president has previously praised the House legislation, calling it a "great plan" during a celebratory press conference with Republican lawmakers after they passed the bill. 

Harris was discussing the impacts of the House bill — including that an estimated 23 million more people would become uninsured over 10 years — when a staffer sneezed. 

"Bless you. And that is another reason why we need the Affordable Care Act to be in place," Harris added, prompting laughter from staff members on the Senate floor.