Sen. Ron JohnsonRonald (Ron) Harold JohnsonGOP senators eager for Romney to join them The House needs to help patients from being victimized by antiquated technology Comey’s original Clinton memo released, cites possible violations MORE (R-Wis.) said Friday that President Obama has not offered a genuine apology to the millions of people who are being kicked off their health insurance plans.

"I didn't hear the apology," Johnson told "I heard him say he was sorry that people were having problems.

"To a certain extent, it's kind of like saying, 'I'm sorry your dog died,' without admitting the fact that you just ran him over with your car."

In a Thursday interview with NBC, Obama acknowledged that millions of people are being forced out of their health insurance plans because of ObamaCare.

"I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me," he said.

But Johnson said Obama stopped short of admitting that he broke his promise to all Americans that if they like their health plan, "they can keep it."

"It's not an admission of guilt, it's not admitting that he actually told a falsehood to the American public," Johnson said of Obama's comment. "It's saying, 'Boy, you know, it's kind of a shame you guys are losing your healthcare. Wonder why that happened?' "

"He is not 'fessing up, he is not taking responsibility. Until he does, he's certainly offering no apology."

The House next week will consider legislation that would allow people to keep their current plan, a bill that some Democrats are likely to support. Four Senate Democrats have also proposed similar legislation.