Sen. Dan CoatsDaniel (Dan) Ray CoatsDon’t throw the baby out with the BATwater Overnight Cybersecurity: DHS bans agencies from using Kaspersky software | Panel calls Equifax CEO to testify | Facebook pulling ads from fake news Mueller investigation focusing on social media's role in 2016 election: report MORE (R-Ind.) said Friday that the troubles one of his Indiana constituents is having getting on the ObamaCare website would make a great episode of Seinfeld.

On the Senate floor, Coats said he got a letter from Doug from Indiana, who struggled to create a login name and password for

After a few weeks, finally sent Doug four security questions, which would be used to verify Doug's identity when using the site. But Coats said three of the questions mangled the information Doug had provided.

One of them listed a street that Doug had supposedly lived on and asked him the name of the city that corresponded to that street.

"The street they listed was where his sister lived," Coats said. "Doug had never lived there or had any financial dealings with that property."

Another security question asked Doug to choose the company he once worked for from a list of companies. But according to Coats, the only right answer was misspelled.

The last question said had somehow learned that Doug had purchased pet insurance during the last two years, and it asked for the name of his pet.

"You can't make this up," Coats said. "If Seinfeld were still going, this would be a great episode, this would be one of the greatest episodes ever.

"Doug had not had a pet for over 10 years, and he's never purchased pet insurance."

Coats then said that Doug typed in "none of the above" on the pet question, since he didn't own a pet. But said it could not enroll Doug, because Doug couldn't answer the question correctly.

"If Seinfeld were still on, I mean, this would be unbelievable," Coats said.