Sanchez was not specific this morning, but the White House has signaled since last month that it is not prepared to send legislation to the Congress that would implement the Colombia FTA. Democrats are known to be worried about what they charge is violence in Colombia that is targeted at union leaders, and thus are skittish about supporting that agreement until more is done to curb that violence.

In mid-December, outgoing White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said the Colombia implementing legislation would not be sent to Congress in the near future because it "doesn't have the votes."

Over the weekend, House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.) again said that Republicans want to move all three FTAs this year. Tomorrow, the House Ways & Means Committee holds a hearing on the three FTAs that will focus on the benefits they will bring to U.S. workers, and to highlight the efforts all three countries have made to address outstanding U.S. issues.