House Republicans have indicated that of the six Democratic amendments to H.R. 359 (now under consideration), only one of these will be seen as germane.

That amendment is from Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), which would ensure that money saved through the bill would be used for deficit reduction. The House indicated just moments ago that it would approve this amendment.

The House is now discussing the other five amendments, but is expected to raise a point of order against them. These amendments would let unused money pay for security at presidential nominating conventions (from Rep. Kathy Castor of Florida); alter the bill to maintain funding for presidential campaigns (from Castor); prohibit entities that get federal funds from advocating or opposing a candidate (Rep. Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts); and change the voluntary financing system (one from Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado and another from Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin).

Upon hearing a point of order from Republicans, Castor withdrew both of her amendments, and Tsongas also said she would withdraw her amendment.