The continuing resolution (CR) pushed by Republicans in coming months will attempt to "preclude" funding for Democrats' healthcare legislation, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

"I expect to see, in one way or another, the product coming out of the House ... to preclude any funding to be used for" the healthcare reform law, said Cantor.

The CR is expected to fund the government for the 2011 fiscal year.

Many Republicans have vowed to rollback the sweeping changes in Democrats' landmark healthcare bill since the day it was signed into law by President Obama. A bill to do that has already passed the House but was stopped in the Senate late last month. Defunding the bill through the appropriations process is one of several strategies Republicans are pursuing to prevent full enactment of the bill.

In his weekly session with reporters Cantor also offered other clues on Republican's upcoming agenda.

On the CR, Cantor said Republicans would adhere to regular order and that all members who have amendments would have a chance to present them.

On repeal of the 1099 section of the healthcare law, which the Senate voted to repeal in an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration authorization bill last week, Cantor noted that it is working its way through committees by regular order in the House.   He said he expects it to hit the floor in a “relatively short time.”

On the Patriot Act extension, which the House will vote on Tuesday night, Cantor signaled he expected a extension to be enacted through Dec. 8.