"This resolution will be marked not for what it continues, but for what it ends, and that's Washington's spending binge," BoehnerJohn BoehnerFormer House leader Bob Michel, a person and politician for the ages Former House GOP leader Bob Michel dies at 93 Keystone pipeline builder signs lobbyist MORE promised Thursday. 

Boehner did not outline specific budget recommendations, but insisted the spending measure, known as a continuing resolution (CR), would move to a floor vote next week. "It's our intention to do the CR next week." 

When asked whether Republicans are still committed to cutting back to pre-stimulus budget levels, he replied, "Absolutely, and we're going to."

Boehner said details of the CR would be seen soon, and didn't directly answer questions about cuts to military spending and ethanol subsidies. He said some of these items are not among the cuts to discretionary programs that Republicans are tackling first. Boehner said cuts to a wider slate of programs would be coming later in the year.

Boehner also criticized Democratic efforts to increase spending, and said this path is not what voters said they wanted last November.

"We can do nothing, leave the spending process on auto pilot … or we could go ahead and liberate our economy from big government runaway spending and endless regulation that comes with it," he said. "That's what the American people want."