Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is scolding the House for passing a spending bill on Saturday with cuts he says are too shallow.

"Although last week's vote to cut spending was only the first step of many, it should have been a bigger step," Jordan wrote in a letter released Wednesday.

Jordan's letter comes after he led a fight on the House floor last week to cut an additional $22 billion from the proposed spending bill for 2011. That amendment was voted down Friday afternoon, 147-281.

In his letter, Jordan also accused "Uncle Sam" of "spending us into the poorhouse," and warned that Democrats will continue to fight against cuts.

"As we see today in Wisconsin, the Left will fight vigorously to kick the can down the road one more time," wrote Jordan.

Meanwhile, Democrats who control the Senate have indicated that the Republican measure, even as passed, includes a level of cuts that is unacceptable.

Leadership staff in both chambers are spending much of this week working on reconciling the will of the Senate with the 2011 spending bill passed by House Republicans.