Democrats continued to reject the idea that H.R. 1 is at all palatable, and said any consideration of the bill was a waste of time at a time given that government funding expires March 4.

"Today we're racing clock to avoid this shutdown in large part because we squandered the past two weeks debating H.R. 1, a ridiculous spending bill that contained some cuts so extreme it had no realistic chance of ever being passed into law," said Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.).

But Democrats were somewhat conflicted, as they continued to train their fire at H.R. 1, not the two-week spending bill that will be voted on today. Polis acknowledged that the two-week spending bill, H.J.Res. 44, does meet the goal of keeping government open for another two weeks. But he said two weeks is not enough time to agree to a full FY 2011 spending bill, and stressed repeatedly that H.R. 1 is not a solution Democrats find acceptable.

Nine other House Democrats spoke before the formal debate, and most of them also focused on H.R. 1. Several Democrats cited the estimate from Moody's that H.R. 1 would kill 700,000 jobs, but none said explicitly that they would oppose the short-term spending bill.