A listing of full committee hearings for the week of March 7-11 follows:

House Budget

March 10, "Lifting the Crushing Burden of Debt"

House Education & the Workforce

March 9, "The Budget and Policy Proposals of the U.S. Department of Education"

House Foreign Affairs

March 10, "North Korea's Sea of Fire: Bullying, Brinkmanship and Blackmail

House Homeland Security

March 10, "The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response"

House Oversight & Government Reform

March 8, "The Foreclosure Crisis"

House Science, Space, and Technology

March 10, on NOAA, EPA Budgets

March 11, on NSF, NIST Budgets

House Veterans' Affairs

March 8, receives legislative presentation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (joint, with Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee)

March 11, "Implementation of Caregiver Assistance: Are We Getting It Right"


Senate Armed Services

March 8, to receive testimony on the Department of the Navy in review of the Defense Authorization

March 10, to receive testimony on the current and future worldwide threats to the national security of the United States

Senate Banking

March 8, nomination hearing for Peter Diamond to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and two nominations to the Council of Economic Advisers

March 9, "The State of the Housing Market"

March 10, "The Fiscal Year 2012 Budget for the Securities and Exchange Commission"

Senate Commerce

March 8, "Hearing to Review the Department of Transportation Fiscal Year 2012 Budget"

March 9, "Realizing NASA's Potential: Programmatic Challenges in the 21st Century"

March 10, nominations, including Assistant Secretary of Commerce at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Senate Energy & Natural Resources

March 8, to consider the nomination of Peter Lyons to be an assistant secretary of Energy

March 10, to hear testimony on S. 398, to amend the Energy Policy and Conservation Act

Senate Environment & Public Works

March 9, "Hearing on the President's Proposed FHWA Budget for FY 2012"

Senate Finance

March 8, "Does the Tax System Support Economic Efficiency, Job Creation and Broad-Based Economic Growth"

March 9, "The President's 2011 Trade Agenda"

March 10, "Innovations in Child Welfare Waivers: Starting on the Pathway to Reform"

Senate Health, Education, Labor, Pensions

March 10, "Bridgepoint Education, Inc.: A Case Study in For-Profit Education and Oversight"

Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs

March 8, nomination of Heather Higginbottom to be deputy director, Office of Management and Budget

March 10, nomination of Carolyn Lerner to be special counsel, Office of Special Counsel

March 10, "Information Sharing in the Era of Wikileaks: Balancing Security and Collaboration

Senate Veterans' Affairs

March 8, receives legislative presentation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (joint, with House Veterans' Affairs Committee)