Burton, who was sporting a green tie in honor of St. Patrick's Day, started talking about "Lord Of The Dance 3D," which was released Friday. "There's a new movie out," he said on the House floor, singling out dancer Michael Flatley as a reason to see the film.

"I thought it would be funny to say a few comical things like, any good movies we've seen lately," Burton explained.  "I was thinking about doing, like I said, my imitation of Al Jolson, which is really good."

New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith (R) was also supposed to be in the House, but wasn't there, so Burton had about 10 minutes to fill.

"It was kind of a mix up," said Burton, who noted it wasn't the first time Gohmert had left him hanging.

"Louie owes me a lot," he said, citing an experience at the Republican conference last fall at The Homestead, a mountain resort in Virginia. The two members hit the hot springs together, but when Burton emerged into the freezing air he "ended up with damn near pneumonia." He fled to Gohmert's nearby car, but found it locked.

"Not only am I freezing to death, I'm scared I'm going to die," he said. "He owes me a lot, and then today he compounds it by being late and leaving me on the floor."

Asked if Gohmert would need to buy him a St. Patrick's Day beer to square things, Burton retorted: "I don't know if Louie can afford it, he's from Texas."

Burton said he'd be prepared next time he's stood up on the House floor.

"I will have a repertoire of my famous jokes, and I'll start reeling 'em off one after the another," he said.