Action hero Chuck Norris on Tuesday said he supports the need for tougher enforcement of the U.S.-Mexico border and he agrees with Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.), who said the federal government is downplaying border violence.

"I agree with Rep. Ben Quayle, R-Ariz., who said that for cattle ranchers, the daily reality of drug and human smugglers traversing their property is 'far more impacting' than [Homeland Security Secretary Janet] Napolitano conveys," Norris wrote in an op-ed on

Norris was quoting a February Los Angeles Times story in which Quayle said, "Statistics and averages might mean something to government bureaucrats and analysts in Washington, but try telling the people who deal with these realities every day that the violence along the border has subsided."

Norris's op-ed criticized Napolitano for urging border officials to "stick with the facts" when describing border violence. He cited several incidents of violence stretching over the last year, and said states have taken matters into their own hands because of "the feds' ineptness and passivity."

"The only ones exaggerating are the feds — under-exaggerating the threat and severity of border violence and over-exaggerating their success of securing the United States' southwestern border," Norris wrote.

"Ms. Napolitano, the truth is it's you who is misleading the public," he concluded. "Playing down border violence and trumping up Washington's successes may be effective for campaign rhetoric, but it's killing our citizens — literally."