The House Rules Committee on Tuesday night outlined the rule it approved for passing the full FY 2011 spending bill, H.R. 1473, and two controversial healthcare resolutions. Here's how it will work according to the rule approved Tuesday:

The rule calls for debate and vote on the main bill along with two healthcare resolutions that would amend the main bill. The resolutions would defund healthcare reform and block federal funding of Planned Parenthood. No amendments will be permitted on any of these bills, and the House plans to start considering them on Thursday.

Assuming the House approves all three, the House will then send them to the Senate. While the two healthcare resolutions would "correct" H.R. 1473 and in fact amend that bill, they will only do so if the Senate approves them as well. Therefore, if they fail to pass the Senate (and they are not expected to), Congress will send an unamended H.R. 1473 to President Obama for signature.

The Rules Committee said winning the right for votes on the healthcare amendments in both the House and Senate was a condition of the agreement reached by House Republicans, Senate Democrats and the White House late last Friday.