"The United States can be its own best energy customer,” she added.

Bachmann listed a number of domestic oil resources she believes Obama ought to prioritize over Brazilian oil. Among them: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), shale deposits in the Rocky Mountains and the Gulf Coast.

Bachmann is one of several Republicans trying to seize the issue of high gas prices to score political points against Obama. (The president, for his part, is trying to re-focus drivers’ anger on profit-making oil companies.)

“Gas was $1.83 the day before Obama took office,” Bachmann wrote. “Now the national average is $3.84 and trending upwards.”

An ABC News/Washington Post poll Tuesday found that among people claiming “serious” hardship from pump prices, only 39 percent approve of Obama. Among those who say they feel no serious hardship or no hardship, 50 percent and 56 percent approve of the president, respectively.