The White House noted Tuesday that federal dollars are paying for 75 percent of the effort to fight fires in Texas, even though it has not declared Texas as a major disaster area.

Gohmert's comments were made in the context of a debate over an amendment to H.R. 1229, which would create deadlines for drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico. Gohmert said the administration has hurt workers and companies in Gulf states by imposing a drilling moratorium, and said the bill is needed to undo this damage.

"We have seen this administration rush to Libya, we've seen this administration rush, appropriately, to help our friend Japan, we've seen them rush all over the place," he said. "But when it came to really helping the Gulf Coast region, this administration rushed in and did more damage to people's lives by putting this moratorium on than the spill itself did."

Gohmert added that the administration has long favored political contributors over regular Americans.

"If you're a good buddy at GE, you're going to do well," Gohmert said. "If you're on Wall Street, and you contribute four to one to this administration over its opponent, then you're going to do well."

The House began considering 11 Democratic amendments to H.R. 1229 at about 5:30 p.m., and is expected to hold roll-call votes on these amendments Wednesday.